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I have personally used Vocal-Eze for over 4 years. Some people say it has an acquired taste. I'll admit that it made me cringe when I first tried it. A couple of squrits later, I wondered what the noise was all about. It has a licorice taste. But regardless of the taste it works great.

If Rob Thomas, Josh Stone, Kimberly Caldwell, Tim McGraw, and others say they love it... You don't need our advice. It works!

The Shure SM58 is by far the best live mic for your buck. I've used a wired SM58 for over 10 years and it is still on stage with me today. Shown is the same mic I used. About a year or so my guitarist knocked it over and dented the screen. Other than that it still looks and sounds like new. I could by a new screen but I think the dent gives it personality.

A pro mic at a great price. Great for the stage and studio alike.

The Shure Beta 58 is a step above the SM58. I graduated to this as my primary live mic because it cuts out a lot of instrument noise from the stage and sounds great.

There are a lot of awesome live and studio mics out there and if you can afford it go to one of the music stores below and get one. But for the price... these are the best stage and studio mics around, without a doubt!

If you are a serious musician/singer, then this is what you need. This is not for the casual musician. This is the real deal. Seen on TV on shows like American Idol, America's Got Talent, and The Voice.

Zzounds is great for price matching and hard to find gear. They are always competing with all of the other guys. Make sure to check here before you buy. They've been cheaper plenty of times. I always look here for my cables, mic stands and other stage gear.

Live Sound Gear at Music123

Music123, the sister store to Musician's Friend, is great for price matching. See something cheaper at one, use price matching at the other and save some money.

Guitar Center is the one of the top 2 retail music stores in the country. Save time and gas and order online. You can get your gear shipped to one of the convenient locations and not pay any shipping.

SameDay Music is another one of the dependable players. More expensive on top of the line gear but competetive on more common gear like cords, cables and accessories.

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Yes, I have used Sound Choice many times and I still do. Being in a band with other guys with families, we don't always get to practice together so I have to learn new material on my own. That way when we rehearse we all know our parts and we get a lot more accomplished. With Sound Choice I simply browse for the songs we are adding, have them put on my own custom CDG and presto, I have the backing tracks and lyrics at my finger tips. Sound Choice is fast, dependable, and very affordable.

Same goes for MyCDG.
I have used both. If one doesn't have a song I need, the other usually does. MyCDG is a little more expensive but also fast, dependable.

There are also 1000's of CD titles to choose from. I have a closet full of them and have a great time when throw a party.

This is no joke. I absolutely love this stuff. The coffee is better than Starbucks and the Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans are fantastic.

Not recommended for use before singing but highly recommended after a long night or a long drive.

Sonic Producer

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