you can!

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you can!


Learn How To Be A Singer

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You Can Be A Singer

  • Do You Want To Be A Singer Or Help
    A Friend Or Loved One Become A Singer?

  • Do You Already Sing But You Want To
    Become A Better Singer?

  • Would You Like To Sing Like A Star?

  • Would You Like To Be A Famous Singer?

  • Would You Like To Improve Your Singing Voice
    With More Power, More Clarity, A Larger Range,
    And More Control?

Singing Success Vocal Training Program

Have You Already Spent Your Hard Earned Cash On Low Budget Singing Programs Or Even Professional Singing Lessons And Not Achieved
The Results You Desire?

  • Have You Dreamt About Private Voice Lessons But Know You Can't Afford Them?

  • Have You Spent Enough Of Your Time On Dead-End CD And DVD Vocal Lessons?

  • Are You Tired Of Wasting Your Time Trying To Be A Better Singer With Free Online Singing Lessons or Youtube Videos?

  • Are You Fed Up With All The Websites Claiming To Review Singing Programs? You Know, The Ones That Always End With A Sales Pitch For The Singing Program That Makes Them The Most Money!

  • And Finally, Would You Like To Become A Famous Singer Regardless Of Your Current Vocal Level With

100% Guaranteed Results?

Singing Success Full Program

Our complete program on 12 CD's include a detailed workbook and studio training DVD designed to be the absolute best and most complete vocal training system. Singing Success is the #1 selling vocal training program in the world year after year! Singing Success is also available in Spanish (see below).
The complete program is also available for instant download!

Pro Singers Warm Up (Male & Female Versions Available)

A unique set of warm up exercises from James R. Wigginton, one of the co-producers of Singing Success. It's true, a set of warm up exercises designed specifically for use in the morning and a seperate set of warm up exercises that are great to use on the way to a gig!

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Top 7 Vocal Exercise Bundle (Brett, Dave & Jesse)

NEW! CD/DVD Versions available!
Take advantage of this special bundled set and save money. Purchase the Top 7 Vocal Bundle containing Top 7 Vocal Exercises by Brett Manning, Top 7 Commercial Singing Secrets by Dave Brooks, and Top 7 Secrets of the Super-High Mix by Jesse Nemitz together and save a bundle!

Mastering Mix - Advanced Systematic Vocal Training Program

NEW! Also available for download!
Mastering Mix includes 12 CD's and an instructional DVD. It's the brand new and very advanced systematic vocal training program that focuses completely on mastering and developing your MIX voice. This program is not recommended for beginning singers. If you are just learning how to sing please check out our full Singing Success program below.

The Karaoke Singer's Guide to Greatness by James R. Wigginton

NEW A totally fun-filled product by James R. Wigginton that contains 2 Technique CDs (one for males and one for females), a demonstration DVD & a 12 page booklet. Now you can easily improve your singing voice, learn how to pick the perfect songs for your voice, master microphone & stage technique, & win over your audience! Stand out above the rest.

Full Singing Success Program (SPANISH)

12 CD's include; a detailed workbook and studio training DVD specifically designed to be the perfect vocal system — This is our full program translated flawlessly into Spanish.

To see all the great products Brett and his staff of professional vocal coaches have created click here.

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Singing Success Vocal Training Program
I finally learned how to play electric guitar and it ROCKS!


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Thanks Gaz
Your help has meant the world to me! Singing Success is an awesome tool.
Joan G from St. Louis, MO

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Slow down any music & keep the pitch. A must have for any guitar player beginner to shredder.

This program ROCKS! I always just wanted to be a rhythm guitar player until I tried this. Truly a must have.