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Online Music Lessons for Adults with Busy Lifestyles. I'm Gaz.

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Be a singer - Gaz in the beginning

Okay so that's me on the right, a long time ago in my early days. You didn't come here to look at old pictures of me but I'm guessin' the reason you did is because you are a lot like me.

What's that mean? Simply put, if you're anything like me, you've loved music your whole life and for as long as you can remember you've wanted to be a singer, or learn guitar, or learn keyboard songs and play piano, or be a rapper/DJ using your own digital beats, or just entertain people.

Let's face it... You wanted to be a famous star. But, like the lyrics to John Mellencamp's hit song Pink Houses,those old crazy dreams just kinda came and went. You may also come from a time when music lessons meant:

  • a once a week visit from a stern old grey haired teacher teaching you nothing but theory and not how to play your instrument.

  • -or-
  • sitting in a metal folding chair waiting for the long haired music store employee to teach you a guitar riff or two.

Maybe, you were like this guy: Way too cool for music lessons, marching band or choir. Plus there was that ego saying,I don't need music lessons by no stinking teacher... I'll teach myself how to be a singer, play keyboards, shred on the guitar, make beats or play drums, and so on, right?

And finally, you have since excepted the fact that it's not gonna happen.

So is that close? Are you a little, sorta, not even close, or... a lot like "that guy"? It doesn't matter anyway, it's all just to make a point. The bottom line is; Regardless of how close, or far off it is, it's never too late!

NOW is the time to make it happen!

It's never to late andit can happen and it will happen!

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Let's break it down

A lot of us reading this were lucky enough to have:

  • lived in the vinyl age
  • lived thru the cassette tape years
  • still have 100's of VHS Tapes and a VCR (working or not)
  • seen the invention and mass take over by the CD (compact disc)
  • watched the DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) replace the VHS (I couldn't find what VHS stands for other than the once industry standard video tape format).

And now we are able to benefit from the internet with the digital audio and video era making it easier than ever to finally learn how to be a singer, learn guitar lyrics with your first guitar lesson, learn all those good ol' keyboard songs, or even make digital MP3 beats you can use in your own musical creation.

Gaz on BassTake it from me, I didn't play an instrument until my mid 40's. In 2 short years I have finally become the musician I always wanted to be. That's right! I'm 47 now and I'm living proof that you are never too old to become a singer, play the guitar, learn keyboards, or be able to relate to the youth of today's society making beats using digital software. We are all master procrastinators, right?. Haven't we all made the same excuses? Which ones have you made?

  • I just don't have enough time!
  • I'm way TOO OLD to learn now!
  • It'll take me way to long to get through it!
  • Lessons are to expensive, I can't afford it!

I say, "Bullsh.. I mean bullpuckey!"How many more times are you going to put it off? Is there ever going to be enough time? There will never be enough time in a single day yet, you can make time, you know you can. Think of it this way, every day you put off your dreams, there's one day less in the future to enjoy them. You are never too old to become a singer, learn guitar lyrics, learn keyboard songs, or even make MP3 digital beats and there are a lot of people older than you that can prove it.

Most lessons are short, to the point, at your pace when you want AND in your own space. As for the cost... digital versions of music lessons are almost so cheap you can't afford not to do it. Plus everyone comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so you've got nothing to lose!

Don't delay any longer!

So you asked,

"Can I...."?

Well now you know.

YES!.. You can be a singer!
A famous singer!
And if you already sing,
YES!.. You can
Become a better singer!

Singing Success

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Over 40, 50, 60?
You can
learn to play guitar lyrics and chords in 2 lessons! Also, do you know how but haven't played for years? Adult Guitar Lessons is perfect for you too!

Adult Guitar

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You can learn keyboard songs and how to play piano! From beginner to advanced. Play piano today with Rocket Piano download-able piano lessons!

Rocket Piano
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You can produce, mix, and download your own beats! Digital MP3 beats YOU produce, YOU mix, and YOU download for use in your own music.

Sonic Producer

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Still want to know more about Gaz? Here's my stories. If you're story's anything like mine, your twenties came and went with the wind and before you knew it your were full fledged into your thirties. Is that close?

For me that was the decade I truly enjoyed the karaoke and open mic scene. I was a local celebrity. All the bartenders, barflies, and drunks, loved me! Truth is, I was okay at best.

Karaoke GazHere's my story in a nutshell. It starts over 25 years ago in my bathroom singing to the mirror with an AM/FM Cassette boombox and a Radio Shack microphone. This was back in the days when there were still record stores and you could go inside and buy cassette tapes and albums.

I used that set up for quite a while. I don't remember exactly how long, probably around six months. The cool thing, at that time, I worked in a manufacturing plant and I had access to a lot of building materials. So on my own time, my boss allowed me to build my own little makeshift recording studio out of particle board and sound-board that I bought at his cost and egg crate foam I bought myself. I installed it as an extension to my spare bedroom closet in my first floor apartment. I failed to think of one thing. One thing that made it hard to use. There was NO ventilation and man was it hot in there.

After a few months of singing karaoke to Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al", it was time for me take it out in public.

The rest of the story has changed over the years, primarily about just how much liquid courage it took me that night to go on stage for the first time. But the undisputable truth is, once people clapped for me... one might say... "the rest is history". Visit my blog to learn more...

Jeff MusicGAZ VanOrnamI've spent the last 12 years researching everything from the most expensive one on one training to the cheapest audio cassettes. I've used hypnosis to subliminal tapes to brainwave altering meditation. I've studied with the most famous gurus in the world like, Dr Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield" (the Chicken Soup for the Soul" guy) , Bill Harris, and many others.

It took years to finally get the RIGHT training using the right tools and quite frankly, that's why I started MusicGaz. I want to share how an aging yet still aspiring musician and singer realized his childhood dream in only a year after finding that right help. You read it right, only 1 year!

You can become a professional vocalist and musician. will tell you how and most importantly, what programs to use without wasting your hard earned money.

I have used and continue to use ALL of the programs below.

Learn how to be a singerin one lessonwith Brett Manning's Singing Success.
Brett Manning has Created the World Famous Singing Success Program, SingingSuccess.TV and Brett Manning Studios

Guitar how to
Learn to play guitar with your first guitar lesson within 2 lessons with

Adult Guitar Lessons.

Learn keyboard songs and to play piano in lighting speed with Rocket PianoRocket Piano.
Guitar how to learn as an adult. Be a rapper and make your own digital mp3 beats with Sonic ProducerSonic Producer Online Beats.

Side Note:

From the desk of Gaz;

When I hit forty I was missing something in my life. It surely wasn't family 'cause I have a beautiful family. I had a nice house, great friends, a stable job that I actually enjoyed. I considered myself a very blessed person. It was something else. At first I couldn't figure it out. My friends told me it was a mid-life crisis and I should go buy a sports car or jump out of an airplane. I thought long and hard about it and nope, that wasn't it either. I started looking back at everything I had done to that point and more so, what I hadn't done. My bucket list so to speak. My bucket list is a pretty long one. However, one thing stuck out like a sore thumb. I heard angels singing from above and all at once... everything was clear. I had always dreamt of becoming a rock star. That's what I was missing. I did the Karaoke scene for 2 decades but I wanted to be a singer with REAL musicians behind me. I wanted to be in a band! I realized that becoming a "rock star" was a long shot, but I still wanted to entertain people. I've since moved on to become a guitar and piano player and I have really enjoyed making my own beats and putting them into my own original music.

To read more about how to establish a band visit and also visit the blog.

Click a link below to become the musician you've always wanted to be:

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Sonic Producer offers 4 different lesson styles. All of which have been used and mastered by myself and THOUSANDS of people just like you.

Here is what a few people I've helped have to say:

picture of Tracy B Allentown PA

From the age of 8 to13 I was in my school choir. We travelled around from town to town and won a lot of competitions. Then I was involved in a car accident and I severed my larynex. After a year of therapy and reconstructive surgery I was told I would be able to talk some but would never be able to sing again. I was devastated. I went to therapists and vocal instructors and all they did was get frustrated with me. I had more than one vocal teacher tell me they could not give me lessons and that I would never sing again. I was even more devastated. In 2008 I started searching online for lessons. I figured that a CD could not tell me no. I tried a few and got some results but still I would never sing in public. Then I found Brett Manning's program after hearing a testimonial from Taylor Swift and I had to try it. I just love her. It has been 9 months and I am getting so much better. I have been able to get back to doing scales and I am getting stronger every lesson. I can't wait to go back to all my teachers and show them that they should never give up on someone [ME].

Thank you MusicGaz for changing my life,

Tracy B. Allentown PA

picture of Joan G St Louis MO

Dear Jeff,

I am so thankful I found your website. I thought the tips and tricks that you sent me were wonderful. After I practiced what you told me to do, I decided to try Brett's CD's. You wern't kidding, it was tough at first but now that I have been doing it for about 6 weeks now I am feeling a lot better and I have defiantly improved. I am a life time subscriber to anything you write. Thanks again, Joan G. St. Louis, MO

picture of Mike E Clovis CA

Great job last weekend. I knew you looked familiar and when you told me you use to go around Fresno to all the Karaoke clubs I remembered you. You were pretty good back then. But now!! I told my wife that if Singing Success could make you that much better I wanted to try it. I am glad I did. What a difference it makes when you know what your voice is doing and why. The exercises and technics I've learned are very cool and I am much better now than I was just a very short time ago. I appreciate all you do for your visitors. Mike E. Clovis, CA

picture of Margret M Fresno CA

I always wanted to sing but didn't have any self confidence. I would sing in the shower but thats about it. I had to buy Brett's program after seeing Jeff at a show. Wow he was good! He told me how he couldn't sing at all until he was well in his twenties. I am a 35 year old Mother of two so figured I would try it. It wasn't long before the exercises and training paid off and now I am karaokeing every week. That is all I ever wanted.
Thanks again Jeff, it has been great following you and "the Unfinished.." from club to club.

Margret M. Fresno, CA


Here's a question I getALL the time. "Gaz, I'm already a pretty good musician, will your programs help me become a better musician?"

My answer is ALWAYS
Become a better musicianAbsolutely Yes!
Become a better musician

It's all about believing... YOU CAN!


Become a better singer.

Go Now!

Learn keyboard songs FAST!

Go Now!

Yes you can
play guitar lyrics and chords in 2 lessons.

Go Now!

Make amazing beats for you're own music.

Go Now!

There it is folks! Now stop procrasterbating and do it!

Act now so you don't miss the limited time deals on the best Vocal, Piano, and Guitar Training programs available anywhere. Bar None! Special deals and free gifts just for becoming a subscriber.

And make sure you bookmark this page and come back to see what develops next!

I'm taking drum lessons right now. If they work, I'll let you know.

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